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The USB-C powered future is (almost) here

As I have written in an earlier blog post, my employer agreed on buying a new and very, very shiny MacBook Pro 15 for me. That’s a big accomplishment all on its own, however, there was a very nice side-effect that came with it. I was now able to use my phone charger to charge my laptop at home. My daily commute consists of ~20 minutes of cycling and I really wanted to avoid having to lug the pretty hefty 87W USB-C Power Adapter around that came with the MacBook. Seeing that my phone already charged using USB-C, I wondered if that adapter and cable could be used to charge the Mac. I have a 30W rated charger like this:   So I tried plugging that cable into the MacBook and it told me it wasn’t charging, which was a slight disappointment. However, I could, after a “very scientific experiment”, confirm that it was actually charging, albeit at a very slow pace. In fact, if I was doing something that was CPU intensive, the charger wouldn’t be able to hold the charge of the laptop and it would, somewhat slowly, discharge. However, under low load or when asleep, the battery charge would actually increase. Good enough! success So the USB-C (actually USB-PD) powered future is here. Well, almost, because my headphones, my Kindle, my wife’s phone and virtually every other freaking device is still MicroUSB-ing.

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